First, I was a fashion illustrator. I spent hours designing and drawing outfits for my paper dolls in my frilly pink suburban bedroom. The nesting material was The New York Times, handdelivered by my future stepfather. At age eighteen, I flew the coop to New York City. Over the course of several decades that spanned my fashion career, I tried all kinds of media, but my one true love was probably black and white line.  Here I have archived some of my *vintage* art, cleaned it up and made it ready for its second close-up. Click on each category image to open individual galleries.

Prints are available. As this website evolves, prices/sizes will be listed. Meanwhile, contact me if you are interested in ordering anything you see here.

· 70s Gesture · 80s Punk · 90s Stylin’ · Fashionistas · I Love Paris! · La Dolce Vita

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