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Candace Mann says:


I got my copy of Sharon Watts's book in the middle of a fabric-cutting, new quilt day, so it waited for today's bagel and coffee breakfast to absolutely wow me. Who would have thought a clever artsy reminder of the Woodstock music festival would be a *page-turner*? Not me, for sure, but, boy, was I wrong.

Mr. Forte got up from the table, cleared the dishes, gave me a quizzical glance (I'm always first outta there) and headed upstairs. Thirty minutes later, I read the last Peace Out, closed it up and shook my head at the whole wondrous ride.

The art is exquisite, each page a perfect reminder of what we looked like and loved and dreamed about, the crazy fashions and hairstyles and history, how it felt - and still feels - to have been there then (in the era if not in Bethel) and to be here now. Totally immersive, this little glossy book, as intriguing as a murder mystery - I was hooked. The glossary is the perfect wrap ending, full of I Didn't Know That moments.

You can get it here:…/by-the-time-i-got-to-woodstock…

You don't wanna miss the experience, as they say.

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